Thursday, March 31, 2011

Motivation is lacking...

Yes it's true even a coach is not always motivated to get on the bike for training. This is why a training plan is so important, you set the goal for the week and you have to meet it. Mine for this week was 6 hours on the bike. So far I have zero, this leaves me with a couple long rides. So here it is 1 hour of intervals tomorrow, two hours on Saturday, and three hours on Sunday. See here's the deal, if I miss the mark for the week the only one I have to answer to is myself. I can always find away to justify why I didn't train. That's why having a coach is great, they want the data. If you don't have it there is someone to answer to other than yourself. However in the end it is your own performance that suffers.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Concentration when Training

Okay so here is a tip that I picked up along the way, some of you may think that this is common sense and maybe it is but sometimes these things just need to be pointed out.  Training for events takes concentration, it needs to be done with as little distraction as possible.  (I would never recommend training without taking a cell phone with you for safety reasons.)  That being said, TURN THE RINGER OFF....  Clear your head and take a deep breath before you set out on that training ride.  
Lets not forget that this is training not a leisurely ride on the bike, you need to concentrate on your training and your goals for the day.  I'm not saying you can't enjoy your riding I'm just saying you need to get done what you set out to do and that is train to meet your goals.  Lastly make it known that it is training, it is very important that your friends and family know the importance of what you are out there for.  They should support you and your goals and part of this is understanding that you need this time to be undisturbed.

Welcome to my Blog.

Welcome to the Blog of Breakaway Coaching.  My name is Patrick Kelly I’m  cyclist and a USAC certified coach.   The goal of Breakaway Coaching it to assist athletes in achieving thier cycling goals. This would be done through providing that athlete with individualized workouts based on thier needs.