Tuesday, May 10, 2011


     As I woke up yesterday a a beautiful sunny day all that was on my mind was the thing that I love, cycling.  It was odd I almost didn't even go for a ride as I was make sure that I had everything I need with me, flat pack, food, water, helmet and so on.  I had it all with me and I finally jumped on the bike and got a quick ten miles in before I had to go to work.  It felt great and I was totally in the zone, I can't remember the last time that I felt so good on the bike.  I was upset that I was not able to have spent more time on the bike.
     I got to work and heard the news via twitter that Wouter Weylandt had crashed on a decent at the Giro and tragically died. Those that don't know much about Wouter, he was a 26 year old pro cyclist from Belgium,  he had a number of stage wins under his belt and what looked to be a long career ahead of him.  The sadist part of it all is that he was engaged and the couple was expecting their first child in September.
     As a coach I probably will never coach a cyclist that will descending mountains or racing in a grand tour.  However to each of us that next local race or group ride is a grand tour, it quickly sets in that anytime spent do whatever it is that you love is to be cherished.  Life is precious, may all of you stay safe every time that you get on the bike.  My thoughts and prays out to Wouter's friends and families may he Rest In Peace. 

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